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General guidelines

Being a Wolt Courier Partner is not only about delivering orders, it's only about being social and experiencing the city you deliver in. So what can you do between deliveries?

Go to a hotspot

Explore the city and check out which places are the best to receive tasks.

Make friends 

Don't be shy! Talk to other Wolt couriers, share your experiences. 

Charge your batteries 

Don't get drained, charge both your vehicle’s and yours.

Give feedback 

Don't hesitate to contact Wolt Support about venues, problematic areas and possible improvements.

Rainy & snowy days

Bad weather is often linked to better earnings. If the weather gets worse, you can expect more tasks because people generally don't like to move out of the house and are more likely to order instead.  

How to deliver during bad weather? 

Be waterproof! All of our couriers are equipped with Wolt raincoats, and cyclists, motorcyclists with rain pants upon request. If you have a poncho, 2 pairs of gloves, etc. you will greatly increase your chances of staying dry. 

Most importantly: Stay safe. Drive carefully and don’t hesitate to take breaks to warm up and get something to eat.

Peak Hours


Peak Hours is the time period of a given day, in which people in your city usually order the most food delivered. This means it is the time of the day when most Courier Partners are needed on the platform, as well as the best opportunity to maximize your earnings. 

Normal lunch peakNormal dinner peak
Monday11 - 1315 - 20
Tuesday11 - 13
15 - 20
Wednesday11 - 13
15 - 20
Thursday11 - 13
15 - 20
Friday10 - 1416 - 22
Saturday11 - 14
16 - 22
Sunday11 - 14
15 - 21

City Hotspots

City hotspots are the locations with the biggest density of online venues in any given city. The more venues near you, the bigger the chance of receiving an order immediately and maximizing your earnings.

For more information about City Hotspots, please see this map.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I damage an order?

Mistakes happen and every now and then a tourist steps out in front of you or a car brakes a little hard and food is spilled. Support will always be there to help in situations like this. Remember to take a moment to clean your bag before you keep going.

My GPS isn't working properly

Before you try anything else, please make sure that WiFi, Battery Saving and Roaming are OFF. Location tracking should be ON. If you still are having issues, please try the following:


- Go to Settings > Apps

- Press Apps

- Search for Wolt

- Select Wolt Partner

- Press Permissions

- Press Location

- In "Location access for this app" - press "Allow all the time"


- Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

- Make sure that Location Services is on.

- Scroll down to find the app.

- Tap the app and select an option: Always is what you need for the Wolt Partner App

Having the app open all the time also improves its overall functionality and restarting it can also help. If it still doesn't work, contact support and they'll help you out!

The customer isn't opening the door, what should I do?

We know it can be really frustrating when a customer has ordered food but isn’t there to collect it when you arrive. The first step is to check their drop-off note to see if they have any special instructions for you. 

The next step is to call the customer through the app and ask them to help you out so you can get inside and deliver. If they don’t answer the call and a few minutes have passed, please contact support and they’ll take over getting in touch with the customer and guide you through the process.

The restaurant is late, what should I do?

We know that restaurants can be late, mistakes can be made when marking orders ready, and much more. To improve and solve this issue as much as possible, we are in close contact with our restaurant partners and cooperate with them to optimize the accuracy of when orders are ready. 

Always make sure to check the venue note to see if there’s a procedure to follow, and ask them when the order will be ready while following their guidelines. If needed, contact the support team and they can send you to a new task. Keep in mind that waiting times are compensated.

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